Client: Vinge Law firm

Year: 2020

Brief: Employer branding

Solution: An installation which translates legal texts into unique piano compositions using AI.

As one of Sweden's leading law firms, Vinge use legal texts to accomplish real change and business impact. That means it's not merely text to them, it's their art ‑ an art of exactness, with its own rhythm and melody. We helped them hear how it sounds.

As part of an employer branding campaign I was approached to think creatively about how to shed new light on the work that happens in a law firm on a daily basis.

The music the installation produces is generated using machine learning which is a type of artificial intelligence. Tensor Flow was used as a platform to create recurrent neural networks trained on MIDI data from thousands of piano compositions.

Pressing the button on the front of the installation will activate the polling of sensors which then move over the document to scan through the print and in realtime translate what they perceive in on the page into musical data - which is sent of to an array of 81 solenoids sitting on top of a piano. The solenoids (electromagnets) will strike keys with musical timing and velocity to produce endless unique compositions.

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