Client: Adidas Headphones

Year: 2019

Work: Interaction Design & Industrial Design

Brief: Headphones that are made for running

"Headphones made for running". What this means and how to create products for this purpose was the problem I worked on as part of the initial team at adidas headphones.

Starting out this project, our small team conducted an extensive research phase. We visited athletes around the world to collect insights surrounding problems in their workout experience. We put our efforts into how we could adress these issue with two different headets. What both products have in common, in terms of high level bechmarks, is to offer the user great fit, durability and usability.

The context of running is a highly performance focused activity - it means it places high demands on your headset. When excersising - dexterity and fine motor skills are limited and so is the users willingness to put in effort to interact with their products or to adjust its fit during use. My main responsibility was to create general design layouts, physical interfaces and digital interfaces that would require as little obstruction, effort and concentration as possible from the user - and in result to provide a running experice that is as pleasant as possible. This was partly achieved through the layout, buttons and switches and also through the Adidas headphones which app allows for convenient control and customisation of your adidas headphones features and settings. 

"impressed by the stubby little four-way joystick that sits behind the right ear cup, which controls playback and volume. It's more reliable, and satisfying, than some of the swipe controllers I've struggled with recently."


4 th best running headphones 2020


"If you’re in the market for a solid pair of running or gym headphones with a marathon battery life then the Adidas FWD-01 are a solid choice."