Client: IKEA

Year: 2017

Brief: Create the creative platform for the IKEA global commercial theme of 2019-2020; "Get ready for life".

Press: IKEA

Following the creative platform "Make room for life" in 2017, celebrating the living room - the heart of the home. IKEA were working on a new global commercial theme for the period 2019-2020. 

This time the focus lay on the bedroom, bathroom and storage solutions. The task was to fuse those focus areas together, creating a creative platform which in turn would serve as a foundation in the creation of the global, and nationwide commercial themes for the time period 2019-2020.

"Get ready for life", as it would be named, strategic focus laid on activities around the bedroom and bathroom, and the sleeping, storage and general routines that take place there. 

Alongside presenting the written material, the task was to create a visual interpretation of the creative platform. Therefore a short film was created to showcase the emotional aspect of the strategy.

Many of us are stressed and don’t get enough sleep. The home becomes more important now than ever before. Home is where we feel safe and where we can be fully who we are. It is where we recharge and regain balance. It is where we get ready for life.

The film was shot at three different locations; Stockholm, Bangkok and Kuwait City - following three women as they seek ways to recharge from the chaos of everyday life, in their own ways. 

The film was made in collaboration with MSL Group and Film de Liberté in Stockholm. Director was Niklas Fröberg and DoP Viktor Kumlin.