Client: Vitamin Well

Year: 2019

Brief: To develop Vitamin Well's head office premises in Stockholm.

Solution: A re-design to streamline workflow, connect to the property's origins, as well as showcase Vitamin Well's products and brand.


Vitamin Well was founded in 2008, working in the field of vitamin- and mineral supplemented beverages. Being the overarching mother company, it also has Nocco,  NOBE aloe vera, Barbells Functional Foods and Snackbros in its corporate structure, ranging from energizing drinks to exercise supplements.

With a growing work force, new office demands, and a wish to strenghten the bonds between the corporate entities - they needed a re-design of their 3-floor head office premises in Stockholm.

Also functioning as a showroom for media, brand ambassadors, influencer collaborators and potential clients Vitamin Well further more required an office space that better showcased the companys products, brands and brand culture.

The aim was to create more functional working spaces, support larger meetings and events, facilitate the aim to be a more fluent office environment and to create an office space with a better symbiosis of public and privacy.

The new office space was also to be visually linked to the property's origin as an industrial building in the brewing industry.

The result was the creation of a floor dedicated to kitchen and cantina, lounge and larger co-working spaces. As a place to gather the workforce, meet in smaller groups, and a place to which employees could go to get some privacy.

The Vitamin Well Headquarter was furnished with a starting point in Scandinavian simplicity, with clean and light honest materials. Combined with a more industrial touch, with wall tiling, light concrete floors and metal detailing.

Åsögatan 135
116 24 Stockholm, Sweden

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