Client: IKEA

Year: 2019

Brief: Create and build a concept for a new product release from Ikea and Tom Dixon’s collaborative collection. The DELAKTIG-bed.

Solution: Creating Hotel Delaktig in Lisbon, Portugal. A pop-up hotel, exhibition och event.

Press: Vouge

In 2017 IKEA and industrial design icon Tom Dixon released the DELAKTIG collection. An open-source project created by the collaboration of IKEA, Tom Dixon and 75 students from around the world. Seen as a flexible 'platform for living' it challenged the conventional production methods of creating upholstered furniture, with an unique collection of sofas and accessories.

With the launch of the collections new addition, the DELAKTIG bed, they wanted to create a momorable product launch event. That was the starting point in the creation of Hotel DELAKTIG.

The concept eventually expanded beyond a traditional product launch, with the creation of the pop-up Hotel DELAKTIG. An inhabitable pop-up hotel with 5 themed hotel rooms, with the DEALKTIG bed as the central feature.The rooms were created with emphasis on personality and the versatile and customisable nature of the DELAKTIG bed.

The five rooms were;
- “The everyday fabulous room”
- “The green room”
- “The family room”
- “The minimalist room”
- “The comfort room”

By the end of the event, five journalists were given the chance to spend the night at Hotel DELAKTIG.

The hotel was created in a conceptual, yet purposeful, way. The concept of the hotel included entrance, reception desk, lounge area, bar - using the DELAKTIG bed, along with bedroom accessories, as building blocks for the interior design.

As well as functioning as a pop-up hotel, Hotel DELAKTIG served as a launch event as well - with various product exhibitions of the DELAKTIG collection, talks, presentations, music, drinks and more.