Client: Spritmuseum

Year: 2015

Brief: To establish Spritmuseum as a meeting place for Swedish beer enthusiasts.

Solution: The creation of the exhibition, 'Öl', celebrating the science and art of beer making.

Press: Dezeen


The Museum of Spirits (Spritmuseum) is situated on the island of Djurgården in Stockholm, Sweden. The museum has permanent and temporary exhibitions related to the drinking culture of Sweden.

 As an ermerging beer-brewing country, in a time where beer has evolved from only a beverage to a following - Spritmuseum felt the urge to adress and highlight the Swedish beer culture.

 Our assignment was to establish Spritmuseum as a meeting place for the beer enthusiasts.

This was to be made by the creation of an exhibition celebrating the science and art of beer making - in response to the growing number of connoisseurs, passionate brewers and beer enthusiasts in Sweden.

The concept of the exhibition was threefold. Using a fluid visual narrative of components and colors to link the entities together seamlessly.

Firstly; the exhibition contained insights into the history of beer, visualized through statistics and through popular cultural references - as to make as appealing for non-drinkers as beer enthusiasts.

The second part contained an overall visualization of the beer brewing process - with the various components clarified. Visitors were given an in-depth presentation of how beer is made, and how each component play a vital part in the creation of various types of beer.

The last part of the exhibition was the sensorial experience, where visitors were to smell, taste different kinds of hops, barley - from around the world. This part of the exhibition could later be booked for beer tasting events, curated by the knowledgeable staff of the museum. 

The last part of the exhibition also featured a back-lit wall of beer for visitors to visually take in the vast spactra of beers - from the light lager to the dark stout.

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